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Claire's labours

Cottage Industry

What did we do before the advent of freezers? I’ll tell you …. we bottled and preserved our food! What a mega effort to produce bolognese sauce and ratatouille. Hats off to all those who run any food associated cottage industries! My precious stock of French tinned ratatouille and bolognese has finally run out and […]

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Backpackers R Us!

Backpacking – It’s a great way to see the sights but boy do the clothes get a little boring!   However, James found himself an alternative pair of trousers which he thinks will go down well in UK and on board the boat.   We’ll let you be the judge of that!   We have updated the […]

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San Marcos

Water Taxis R Us!

We woke to sparkling sun, changed our plans again and headed for the water and a trip around Lake Atitlan. We used the ‘public’ lanchas (water taxis) and headed for San Marcos, the home of all things mystical and hippy! We could have spent quite a few days chilling there but after a wander around […]

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Room with a view!

Hmmmm .. think we may have got this one wrong!! Not quite the view we saw on the website! After a 3 hour air conditioned bus trip, as the only passengers, we have arrived in the city of Pananajachel which is described as the portal to Lake Atitlan. It’s also described as a portal to […]

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Pacaya Marshmallows

We’re now in Antigua, the original capital of Guatemala until earthquakes destroyed much of the city – so badly the centre of power was moved to Guatemala City. Antigua is surrounded by 3 volcanoes, so it seemed rude not to climb one! Since none of them are smoking at the moment we chose the closer […]

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Tikal – Awesome

We spent 5 hours in an ancient creaking bus stuffed to bulging with people to get to our hotel in Flores, but it was worth every second. Flores is an island on Lake Petén Itzá, linked by a causeway to the town of Santa Elena and known as the gateway to the Mayan culture and […]

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Back to work

We are making progress, so much so that we think we can go travelling inland on Monday! Victor Volvo is back in one piece; new exhaust elbow, new coolant, rust removed and everything shiny again. Looking good for an old chap. The end caps on the stay sail boom have been drilled out and replaced so […]

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40 hours later!

So back to OR, 40 hours travelling but thankfully not all of it in the bus!! After pretty good flights (having got our slightly overweight bags onboard), we arrived in the dark, were met by Claudio (s/y Makani) with a taxi (what a great friend) and returned to the yard to find Ocean Rainbow in […]

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