Wedding break

What a way to end the first part of this season’s sailing!    8.2knots over the ground for protracted periods with a reef in!   Way to go Ocean Rainbow!!    In case you haven’t gathered we had an absolutely cracking sail back to Port Napoleon from Marseille.  We are now about to leave OR for 10 days so we can attend Claire’s nephew’s wedding  and, of course, check in with the grandchildren.   When we get back it’s full speed ahead for Menton then on to Corsica (unless the weather slows us down!).  Stats for our season so far are 180nm sailed and 6 Mistrals dodged (classified by us as NW winds in excess of 40knots) so our exploration of the South of France is progressing a tad more slowly than we’d planned!

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Started sailing a bit late in life, started blogging even later!

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