Blink and she’s gone!

Jacques Bretaudeau treats us to lunch on OR

Two days after going on the market Ocean Rainbow was under offer!  Not what we’d expected and a real shock to our system.   Luckily, on returning from a wonderful family wedding in UK, we were able to take OR off for a week’s sailing before we went for sea trials.  Needless to say OR passed with flying colours so it was a haul out next for what we thought was an official survey.   Not a bit of it, Jacques just wanted to check a couple of things on the hull and 15 minutes later it was a done deal!  Ocean Rainbow is now in exceedingly accomplished hands (Jacques having built and sailed his last boat for many years in the Caribbean before selling and then regretting the decision!) and so OR he will be crossing the Atlantic this autumn on route to Guatemala!   So to all our sailing friends in the Caribbean keep an eye open for Ocean Rainbow, she is returning to warmer waters.  We, on the other hand, are taking a breather (we’re still in shock!)  before we plan our alternative adventures.



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