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Supper on board Swallow

The PWRCC (pronounced Porky as in Treorchy) Mixed Voice Choir

What better way could there be to end the month than receive an invitation for the PWRCC to have supper on board Swallow?    Elliot met us at the harbour wall and whisked us across the water to Swallow’s anchorage where Vicky greeted us with a ‘Swallow Special’ (rum based with ice!).  We were then treated […]

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Arrecife Tour 075

Playing with fire

We hired a car for a whistlestop (James drove!) tour of Lanzarote.  What a brilliant day we had.   First, we visited Timanfaya National Park and saw a geyser in action, potatoes cooked over a volcano and picked up hot sand, not to mention the tour around the park to see more volcanoes, lava fields and […]

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Claire, Jon, Vicky, Elliot, Mikel & Maria

PWRCC Reunited after 2500nm

We were just meandering along the sea front when Claire’s beady eye spied a familiar looking yacht at anchor in the harbour!   We went to the end of the pier and hollered and waved, eventually attracting Vicky’s attention.  They then leapt in their dinghy and rowed ashore for a quick catch up.  We arranged to […]

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Checking for chafe

The Lanzarote Express

Two hours after leaving Agadir the wind arrived.  We had between 15 and 30 knot winds for the rest of the 220nm trip with Ocean Rainbow averaging 7 knots!   That is quite some speed for our lovely solid lady.   The sea was somewhat confused and it did feel like riding a bucking bronco (if it […]

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38 years later

38 years on!

Well, we knew things would have changed in 38 years but we hadn’t anticipated all except two sand dunes being swept away by hotels, clubs and apartments.     We cycled simply miles to find a stretch of dunes but we were thwarted!  On the very outskirts of Agadir a military camp has been built and the […]

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Immigration and Customs Control


We’ve made it and we can stop (Phew!).   We will have a chance to explore but perhaps not for very long!   However our arrival was easy and the immigration and customs control was straightforward with everyone coming onto the boat!    The marina itself isn’t as nice as Bouregreg but you can’t have everything and the […]

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Essaouira - now you see them

Ocean Rainbow goes surfing

After a really slow sail down the Moroccan coast we finally made it to Essaouira at midday and found out what surfing the Atlantic waves was all about!    Hawai-5-0 eat your heart out …. Ocean Rainbow took to the waves and we were surfing in to the harbour at 10 knots!   As if that wasn’t […]

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Bouregreg Marina, Bab Al Bahr town and Sale in the background

Repairs complete

So much for getting a professional to sew the cover for the engine!   ‘Nocturne’ carry a sewing machine which they lent to Claire who then spent the afternoon stitching the new engine cover.   Not wishing Humphrey to feel left out, he also had a protective cover made for when we’re not at sea.     Unfortunately no […]

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Jam packed train

Souk’d out! Bab’ed out!

A decade ago Claire was taken to Fez by her brother and loved every minute of it.   Yesterday we repeated the experience but this time, without the luxury of an air-conditioned car, we took the train from Sale (2½ hours) on the eve of Eid al Adha!  That was a mistake but quite funny as […]

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Pilot boat leads the way into Rabat-Sale

Humphrey takes a beating!

Oh my goodness, what a near disaster.   On our return from another mammoth explore of the outer regions of  Tangier town we found the wind had come round and Ocean Rainbow was no longer securely moored.   Humphrey had been thumped by a big black tyre, the BBQ bent and our poor old ensign staff snapped […]

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