Humphrey takes a beating!

Pilot boat leads the way into Rabat-Sale

Pilot boat leads the way into Rabat-Sale

Low Tide

The nasty tyre that thumped Humphrey

Oh my goodness, what a near disaster.   On our return from another mammoth explore of the outer regions of  Tangier town we found the wind had come round and Ocean Rainbow was no longer securely moored.   Humphrey had been thumped by a big black tyre, the BBQ bent and our poor old ensign staff snapped again!   We think we returned in the ‘nick of time’.    There was nothing we could do to keep OR off the harbour wall except run the engine so we had to leave, but before we could do that we needed our boat papers.    In the heat of the afternoon James ran all the way to collect the papers from the Capitainerie who was then kind enough to drive James back to the boat!!   We left somewhat unceremoniously in a hurry but we did enjoy Tangier.

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