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Bubbles with Swallow

Farewell to Swallow and a Fish Fest

Swallow arrived bearing bubbles to share with us all and to signal their departure to pastures new.  It’s been great fun to catch up and we’ll hope to see them again in the Canaries.   Sadly this meant they missed our Fish Fest supper …. No idea what fish we ate, but you’ll be pleased to […]

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James, Vicky, Jon and Elliott

Octopus in a myriad different ways!

We went to the Festa do Pulpo with Jon (Hecla) and Vicky and Elliot (Swallow).   We found the town harbour lined with tentage and it was a real community affair with one payment point and tickets issued and then a row of different stalls, each one with a different dish. We tried Octopus grilled, […]

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Our own deserted island

Islas Galineiro

This island is truly a Caribbean style desert island and so beautiful.  We made the trip over this afternoon with Swallow and Hecla and spent a couple of hours exploring and swimming … plus having a beer, of course!   We could have taken a picnic but with the polpo fest this evening we thought we’d […]

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Deja Vu - supper with Jon on OR

PWRCC Reunion in San Xulian

We had a really lovely day’s sail from Combarro to Puerto Niegras, a little marina on route to Ria de Arosa.   Great fun doing medi-mooring with the help of a really friendly marinero who spoke not one word of english!   However we only stayed half an hour before we found there was no […]

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Just before Pilgrims Midday Mass

Our pilgrimage to Santiago

A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is defined as a trip from your home to the Cathedral in Santiago.   You are awarded a certificate of merit if you walk 100 kms or cycle 200 kms – we think that 500 nautical miles qualifies us!   We have now successfully completed our pilgrimage!   A few more photos […]

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Mr Fixit at work 007

Mr Fix-It to the Rescue

Wonderman has done it again – the igniter is working and the cooker is back in one piece.  Many thanks to Julian from GN Espace for sending the spare part so quickly and for giving instructions so that we actually managed to complete the job without the help of Ray Williams!  This must be a […]

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Admin catches up with us all!

In the absence of a launderette anywhere in the near vicinity in Vigo we abandoned the marina on Saturday and set off for Barra beach where we set up our own private Doby Department!    No idea what the locals thought but the wind was gusting 28kts so our washing took no time at all […]

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Verity at the helm

Macedonian driving

We captured this photo in the early hours of Saturday morning as Edward and Verity left Vigo marina.  The barriers to the car park were shut so they resorted to a bit of Macedonian driving and took to the pavements and pedestrian crossing to get onto the road!

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Dolphins showing off

Now this is what I call showing off!

What a totally wonderful experience to see dolphins at play in such a spectacular fashion.  We went to Ensenada da Barra yesterday and had a great sail (20nm) and were then treated to a spectacular display on arrival in the bay by a large pod of dolphins.   Edward caught this picture of 3 in the […]

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In search of deserted bays!

We popped across to the other islands just to check them out and found absolutely loads of campers, visitors by ferry and visiting yachts and motorboats.  Not our idea of an island paradise.  We’d gone ashore with a picnic but decided to have it on board instead and search out a less populated beach!   We […]

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