Charlie gets out of bed!

Charlie at workRip in the seamApproach to PenicheYesterday Charlie Cruising Chute finally condescended to get out of bed and get to work!   He flew almost all the way from San Martinho to Peniche in the most glittering seas.   We were buzzed by the Portuguese Air Force (OK we exaggerate – it was a small plane but it flew very low) and we then made our way in to Peniche harbour via the most spectacular rock formations along the coastline.  After an overnight stop we set off early for Lisbon.   We had a grey start today then a session of a ‘Stitch in time saves nine’ but we finished with some truly exhilarating sailing followed by an extremely interesting entry to Oeiras Marina (3 knot cross current) from where we intend to launch our educational tour of Lisbon.

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