Mercy Dash to rescue Thomas Towel

Guess who left Thomas Towel behind in Ares showers on our dash to Coruna to return for Andrew’s wedding?   Not sure we’re quite prepared to put any money on this one!!    Well, we returned today in 30 knot winds, rafted alongside a very surprised French yacht, whereupon Claire sprang into action and dashed up the pontoon, ran along the dock and …… yes, the lovely Spaniards had taken the towel out of the tumble drier and just placed it on a chair to await collection – a mere 2 weeks’ later!    Told you we loved Galicia!   So we now have a full complement of precious towels which were originally purchased in the ‘Thrift Shop’ in Stavanger (for little more than £2) to put on the cushions of our first yacht Ywawr to protect her from Lally-dog hair!   I know, any sensible person would have left the towel behind!!   Click here to find a picture of the culprit!

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