‘Wonderwash’ put to the test

Corme Monday morning 006Corme Monday morning 014It felt like a Good Housekeeping experiment – take the filthiest pair of shorts imaginable and put in oval shaped canister.  Add 4 litres of water and a dash of washing up liquid.  Agitate for 3 minutes and then inspect.    Change water, agitate again for a minute.  Change water once more and agitate for a further minute.   Pull out shorts, hand wring and hang out.     In 5 minutes it would appear we have ultra clean shorts, Claire has avoided dishwasher hands and we the whole process has used under 10 litres of water.     Admittedly a lot more washing could have been done but, for our experimental purposes, the shorts were a good way to test the wonders of ‘Wonderwash’.   Nice to know that the hours spent searching on ebay have been justified!


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