Praia de Laxe on the Ria de Corme

The Coast of Death - you can see why!

The Coast of Death – you can see why!

Laxe Commercial Fish Auction

Laxe Commercial Fish Auction

The trip back north is having its bonuses …. we actually saw the coastline in sunshine and can see why it is so appropriately named the Coast of Death!   Every bit as challenging as sailing around the Cornish coast.  Thank goodness for modern technology is all we can say!    Laxe is a great little port – and the beach is wonderful.    The winds on arrival here were no less challenging than when we went to Corme but our anchor is holding so we’re happy.

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    Cant quite get how to comment, but we are avidly following you and love all the pics.Our love and best wishes Penny & Richard

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