Another busy mooring

Another busy mooringWe took the bikes ashore and explored Portosin – more higgledy-piggeldy streets with a few shops tucked away in unlikely corners.   No church to be seen but we did spot a Supermercado (at the top of a hill so out of our reach!).    We had another King Canute issue!  You’d think we’d have learnt about tides living in the Bristol Channel, but apparently not!  James spotted two small bubbles of air seeping from the dinghy on our return trip so these have now been repaired and we are relying on  ‘Drip Drop’ the kayak to get us ashore.  Let’s hope the seas remain flat otherwise we will get quite wet!   We rounded off our day with supper at El Mono de Legrono – many thanks to Susan Hillier for her sponsorship of the evening!Another King Canute moment!Have bikes - will travel El Mono de Logrono 004


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