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Open air transport and Oma017This is definitely ‘Out of Africa’.   What we lack in facilities (I think the word ‘Port’ had conjured up a place with fuel, water, shops and some modern buildings – which is definitely not the case) is made up in spades by the absolutely delightful and helpful people.   The town is a mass of bars with two ‘supermarkets’ (I use the term loosely as there is precious little fresh veg available and the only meat appears to be frozen chicken) and a couple of souvenir shops (designed, we think, for the benefit of the cruise ships that visit).   There is also one WiFi café/restaurant which serves delicious chilled white wine (Claire can confirm this is true) and what looks like scrummy fish ‘n chips.   So all is not lost!    Swallow have arrived safely (although they had their dramas – see and are now anchored alongside us.   We all went to the airport together so that Swallow could clear customs and immigration and James could catch his flight to UK – natural air conditioning with health and safety not an issue!  Claire is now home alone and bobbing at anchor until James’ return at the weekend.   The time will be put to good use – dinghy manoeuvres are the top priority!

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