Ocean Rainbow’s off her trolley!

Ocean Rainbow has made it home after her adventures in Barry!  After a lovely bank holiday in Oxwich Bay we returned home via Barry and had some excitement when we caught a rope around our prop.   James’ diving attempts to remove the rope were unsuccessful so Barry Yacht Club very kindly offered to put OR up on their trolley hoist.    This all worked beautifully, the rope was removed in 30 seconds and then the fun began when, on lowering OR back into the water, the trolley jumped off the track and we were stranded!!!   We watched 3 high tides come up and go back without floating OR – we finally made if off this morning at 0615.  Many thanks to Barry YC for all their help, especially Nick Phillips on Merlin who actually towed OR with his dinghy to the hoist!  Intrepid people these folk from Barry!021 023 027

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