5nm, no locks … paradise!


Just 5 miles from Meaux, tucked among the trees, is an idyllic little stop called Poincy.   Famed in our guide for the Michelin starred Moulin de Poincy, complete with Helipad, we poked our heads in and found it had been closed for the last 5 years so a cheap night in!!  Add to the peace and tranquillity the fact that we have fantastic showers, electricity and WiFi on board we’re contemplating staying here for the next two months!  We have now updated our ‘sailing trips’ tab on the website so if you’d like more details about June’s travels click https://courtshort.com/canals-of-france-june-2018/and if you want to see July, click https://courtshort.com/canals-of-france-july-2018/.

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