Beyzano weigh anchor

Beyzano weigh anchor

Spanish lessons continue

My Spanish teacher

We can’t believe it! We were supposed to have been one of the first boats amongst our friends to leave the Rio and here we are one of the very last. We waved goodbye to Makani, Harmonie and Telefine yesterday and this morning Beyzano weighed anchor heading for the crystal clear waters north of Guatemala. We have been busy fixing, polishing and varnishing to while away the time and Spanish lessons have continued but, much as we love Guatemala, we really want to get away and find some snorkelling, deserted islands and tranquil waters without water taxis threatening to chop us up! Moody Mistress are still here, so we shall share sundowners with them tonight and just keep our fingers crossed that our correct spare part turns up soon. Correct because, on Saturday, having stocked the boat ready for departure, we took delivery of our package and found we had been sent the wrong spare part!!!

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