Wife Swap!

Wife swap 004Colson Cays 002Dominoes 004On the trip from Garbutt Cays to Colson Cays we organised a ‘wife swap’!   The Two J’s were to be on Ocean Rainbow and the Two C’s on Makani.   It was a lovely sail with no mishaps and lots of laughs.   The verdict from Claire – sailing’s far less work on a catamaran!   Verdict from Janine – steering on a monohull is far easier!    Neither of the girls would swap their ‘homes’ but it was great fun for a morning’s sail.   We then had a mini­-Suzie Too OCC get-together  with Makanai & Shamal (Georgina and John) who taught us all how to play Mexican Train Dominoes.   We gathered for brunch on Makani (they’ve got the biggest cockpit table) and spent the day playing dominoes (James won … no surprises there then!!).    It was such a lazy day we thought it was a Sunday (in reality it was a Tuesday) ….  we’re now having trouble working out which day of the week it is!  Tough life!

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