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Can't believe we actually travelled in this one!!

Can’t believe we actually travelled in this one!!

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Government Bus

Puzzled?  Well, it’s “Trinidad Transport – Trinidad and Tobago Style”.   It isn’t the Tourist Trophy (as in Isle of Man TT) although we can confirm there has been the odd occasion when there has been a distinct similarity in the style of driving but that’s not the norm – unlike the rest of the Caribbean!   We have now travelled around Trinidad in Maxi Taxis (yellow stripe means the bus goes north south, green stripe it goes east west, red stripe works the northern part of the island and brown stripe works the south), H Taxis (these are private cars registered to carry passengers and the driver takes an extended driving test), P Cars (private cars with the owner looking to make a few dollars on the side with just a normal driving licence) and the government Bus (you can only travel with a pre-paid ticket, there’s no cash on the bus so no need for a conductor).   And, yes, you’ve guessed it, the price is amazing!   TT$5 (i.e. 50p) to travel from Chaguaramas to Port of Spain (10 miles) or TT$2 on the bus!!   We love it and we get to meet so many different folk all of whom are absolutely lovely and just so helpful.

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