Scrumping, Gatecrashing and Hard Labour

PaP with Honey Ryder 017PaP with Honey Ryder 013We had great fun scrumping and now have a fridge full of lovely fresh mango but our pièce de résistance on Sunday was our gatecrashing!   We did it …. not quite on the first attempt but we have managed to see around the Mémorial ACTe (museum) after ‘sweet talking’ the Minister of Tourism.  Quite a feat …. The French President, 19 Heads of State and us!!  What an amazing building dedicated to the memory and history of the slave trade.   The architect is local to Guadeloupe and the building only took 18 months to construct but cost €85m!   However, cost aside, it really is a pretty sight from our anchorage.   The on Monday OR was lifted out and after some serious hard labour, we have removed all trace of barnacles from her bottom and she is back to her normal fighting fit and speedy self.   A rather fuller tale of the last few days and more photos can be found on the May page.

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