Hillfire and Brimstone

Kitts Tour 015Kitts Tour 022Nevis sightseeing was hills in the fiery heat on bikes that protested followed by a morning of seeing the sights from a bus.  We moved on to St Kitt’s where we were supposed to have an easy trip by bus but we were dropped off at the foot of Brimstone Hill to climb to 218mts to the Fortress in the scorching heat – hardly surprising we didn’t refuse the offer of a lift in a car!   These islands that ‘brush the clouds’ and formed by volcanic eruption have a definite down side to their lush green vegetation – they’re all hills and mountains.   Brimstone Hill Fortress (occupied from 1690 – 1852) has been impressively restored and was well worth the visit, especially if you manage to cadge a lift down the hill in an air-conditioned car before continuing the bus trip round the island and back to Basse Terre and Zante Marina!

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