Doldrum Practice

Not land in the distance - it's seaweed

Not land in the distance – it’s seaweed

Ever the industrious Skipper

Ever the industrious Skipper

Who would have thought it could possibly take 35 hours to sail 85 miles?   James is never keen sailing to windward and this last trip is the reason why!   We sailed whenever we could, we lolled around when the wind disappeared and swam off the back of the boat when it got too hot, we read books, Claire did her cross stitch and we waited for the wind.   Finally, it returned and we started proper sailing.   Bliss, but then the tempo increased and we leapt about putting in reefs, then it died down again, so reefs out and we limped along as best we could trying to sail as tight on the wind as possible … we found that by the time we dropped anchor in Portsmouth, Dominica we had actually covered 123 miles and used the engine for 6 hours!  Not what we signed up for – let’s hope it’s our last slow day for a very long time!!  We’re now not so keen on the doldrums.  On the positive side, when it rained, we used the fresh water to clean hatches and wipe down the ‘bright work’!

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