We hate shopping!

Hate Shopping 010Hate Shopping 011If shopping on dry land is a nightmare, it is absolutely horrendous on a boat!  First you have to assemble all the bags you need, load them into the dinghy, make the trip to the dinghy pontoon, tie up and lock up your dinghy.  Then walk to the shops, get trolley, load trolley and still have lots left on shopping list.   Make the decision to do the shopping over two days … wine comes on the first load!  Second trolley filled as high as the first and poor Puddle totally over-loaded.  Skipper has a seat but crew is hard pressed to find a space to place her delicate posterior, let alone her feet!  Make it back to Ocean Rainbow, unload, up steps, down steps, take off all wrapping (especially cardboard which the cockroaches love), hide everything away in lockers around the boat and finally make a note in the stores log where everything has been squirreled away!   The only good point about the last two days we have some nice cheese and cold meats on board and there might just be a smidge more room for some additional rum!!!

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