The Demise of Puddle

Demise of Puddle 001Demise of Puddle 004Puddle’s disintegration has taken us by surprise.  Although we knew her seams were worn and we would have to replace her before next season we had no idea that, during our time in UK when she was stored in the wetlocker, she would start to fall apart.  We inflated her on Friday 7th and she was leaking air gently.  By Monday there was so much air escaping we didn’t trust her with the weight of the engine.   By Thursday the transom had separated from the port tube and by Friday 14th the air leaking from the sponson would have made a great hairdryer (providing James kept pumping!).  Puddle wouldn’t even support James’ weight without filling up with water and it was impossible to row.   Perhaps she wouldn’t have disintegrated quite so rapidly if we hadn’t mentioned in her hearing that we had bought a replacement dinghy?   Who knows, but she is now at her final resting place in Carriacou Marine where we hope that all her useful parts will be recycled by members of the local community.   She’s been a great member of our team and we shall miss her.

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  1. November 19, 2014 at 7:43 pm #

    Oh dear, what a sorry sight!!
    Off to Cornwall, via the Bath Clinic for a blood check and I have to tell you that the weather is set to be dry and mild so the beaches will be wonderful and empty hopefully!! Only problem is that we have one senior dog with ligament trouble after too much running about on the shoot last Saturday and so she is not supposed to be off the lead. She loves swimming though so perhaps that wouldn’t do her too much harm.

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