Back on dry land!

003005Well our time afloat was short lived!  Once we were safely tied up to a buoy in St David’s Bay we had a swim around Ocean Rainbow and discovered that during the launch process our antifouling had been badly gouged by the lifting strops – back to the gelcoat – not good news.  The yard have been extremely swift in responding (braving a sinking Puddle to come and check out the damage) and we are now, once again, out of the water and chocked on dry land while the experts work on our hull to repair the damage.  We aren’t just lazing around though; we found  a deposit on the propeller after only 4 days in the water so James is busy cleaning it again and this time trying tin booster as a ‘little critter’ repellent.  We’ve also had YamaHaHa’s carburettor cleaned and we hope this will be the end of the Boo Hoo saga.  Our final bit of news – we have a new dinghy awaiting our arrival in St Lucia.  Poor Puddle, after sterling service, is going to be replaced by ‘Puddle MkII’.

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