It’s worth being an early bird

James and the Sergeant Major fishGrenada 016At 7.30am on Wednesday, just as the sun was rising above the hills, we set off in very calm water, in the dinghy, to search for the underwater sculptures placed in the bay at Molinere Point by eco-artist Jason de Caires Taylor.     No madding crowds to contend with we had the bay to ourselves, idyllic exploring and viewing conditions.   The only downside, you couldn’t follow anyone else to find the next installation!   The sculptures, made of porous concrete, are adopted rapidly by marine life and start to evolve.   Some of the figures have taken on whole new shapes whilst others remain virtually unchanged. The aquatic life swimming around the marine park obviously love it as we have seen some of the largest specimens of angel fish, butterfly fish and parrot fish so far in our adventures.   Don’t worry, the creature in the middle of the circle with the strange outfit normally lives on the land!

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