Chilling out in Chatham Bay

Chatham BayWhat is it?This bay is appropriately described as ‘magnificent’ in the pilot book.   We arrived to find ourselves one of only three yachts in the anchorage (subsequently a couple of catamarans arrived) and were stunned by the white sandy beach, the colours of the sea, the flat calm waters (although they are ruffled on a regular basis by bolts of wind that sound really alarming but don’t seem to be troubling the anchor) and turtles popping their heads up around us.   We have had sundowners with Pleasure (local Rasta running one of the beach bars) and a truly delicious Chicken & Fish Crumble (no idea why the name) at Boll Head (run by Tim whose mother is Jenny and runs one of the colourful fruit and veg stalls in Clifton).   Union Island is turning into one of our favourite places.    The June page has been updated with a few more photos if you have time.

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