Birthday, Bogle and a Dinghy Drift

Birthday boyEaten by the mangrovesA busy few days on Ocean Rainbow!   On Thursday we’d invited Brian on Pyxis over for supper and luckily an email from his wife arrived in the nick of time to alert us to the fact it was his birthday!   No time to bake a cake but we did manage to make some birthday cookies!   Friday we took the bus to Hillsborough and on to Bogle where, after a fair old hike, we found a deserted beach to enjoy what was described as the “softest sand in the Caribbean”.   On returning home James went up Spirited Lady’s mast and fixed Suzie’s steaming/deck light and then, after a quick change, we were off for a Full Moon dinghy drift in the mangrove swamp.   What a fun evening and what a beautiful place to just drift by the light of the moon.   Thanks to Suzie for kicking us all into action.

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