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RayPrehistoric!After a crossing from Bequia to Canouan that was reminiscent of our Atlantic crossing we spent a few days chilling out in the turquoise waters of Charlestown Bay and then moved on to Tobago Cays where we swam with turtles, stingrays and all manner of small fish. The reef is amazing and one of the islands had at least one family of iguana resident.  Our photo shows ‘Grandpa’!   There’s been a fair bit of wind too so we have had some bouncy nights!   We are now at anchor in Mayreu and judging by the azure waters there’s going to be some excellent snorkelling here too.   The town has some really colourful bars and buildings but it is definitely low season as everywhere is deserted.  Still we have a ‘Hairoun’ to hand, our boat in our sights from the verandah of the bar and the sun is shining.   Life is tough!!

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