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Edward 2Edward 3What a fabulous 10 days onboard Ocean Rainbow in Martinique, with plenty of sun, sea, and ….. snorkels. We did not venture far for our first stop and found a beautiful anchorage in Grande Anse.  Here we began our arduous relaxation sessions including snorkelling, sunbathing, snoozing and sundowners and we ventured ashore for a hike to the village of Petite Anse via Morne Champagne. Then after a short sail south past Diamond Rock, we anchored in the picturesque and brightly coloured Sainte-Anne. We managed a hike to Grande Anse des Salines, one of the most beautiful beaches on Martinique, and played in some unexpected Atlantic rollers. We returned to Grande Anse for the last few days and moored near the fish reserve to search for turtles, and were not disappointed: No53 gave great rides, while Pegleg threatened to swim in circles… lots of fun.   And finally ………. click here to find out!

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