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Guest Blog - Edward and Verity

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Edward and Verity on 'their' boat?!

Guest bloggers:  Edward and Verity Short

Occasion:  Their second visit to Ocean Rainbow

Location: Martinique

Below follows their advice for anyone wishing to live on board Ocean Rainbow:




1.       Pack light – the 10 day kit list

  • 3 sets of swimwear, a quick dry towel, sarongs or beach cover ups, one pair of shorts or a skirt, 4-5 tops, sundress for going ashore (, one pair of boat shoes, one pair of shore shoes, sunglasses, snorkel, sunscreen

2.       Take travel sickness tablets – you never know what the sea will be like outside the cove

3.       A good holiday always involves games and activities

  • Ride the Turtle was popular, but be warned they are fast and you may swim further than you thought!
  • Ocean Cricket – although more work required on the rules....
  • Search for crabs

4.       Practice holding your breath underwater, or else run out of air during Daddy's underwater photo shoots!

5.       A solid liver – Short family standard

6.       An infrequent constitution – old army rat packs with bromide did the trick on exercise but Mummy's wonderful cooking doesn't allow for the addition of such helpful additives

7.       Learn to send emails while drinking beer


Things you might hear frequently on OR

"I am off to the Heads" – I need 10 mins of peace and quiet but your help maybe required afterwards....

"Don't worry 25 knots is normal out here"..... nngghh?

"Isn't Whizz quiet" – the wind generator is really noisy but at least we will have electricity and hot water tonight!

"Pot buoy on the nose" – justified excuse for steering in a zigzag

"Nothing to see here" – there is someone showering on the back of the boat

"Do you want Humphrey to steer?" – a) post-lunch snooze due or b) are you concentrating on where you are going?

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