Roseau, Portsmouth and Freebooter

Spaghetti junction

Spaghetti junction – the wiring in Roseau!

Portsmouth 004

Coconut in Portsmouth

We had a great sail across from Martinique to Dominica – the acceleration zone didn’t let us down!  We creamed along at 8knots despite being reefed right down – Ocean Rainbow in her element.    We are now anchored in Prince Rupert Bay in Portsmouth although we did start off in Roseau for the first night but we had an email to say that Freebooter would be in Portsmouth so we up-anchored and beetled up here.   It’s great to meet up with Annemarie and Steve again – we had supper together on OR last night and we are hiring a car on Monday to have a look at the interior of the island.    Life on Domenica is simple but, as with all these islands, the people are lovely and so helpful.   We’ve bought our first bread fruit and will experiment tonight … and we tried their yellow coconuts!  Not sure we are 100% convinced this is the drink for us!

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