Iles des Saintes

Fort 004Isles des Saintes 010Not such a fun sail to Iles des Saintes –  we left Portsmouth in a fine drizzle with poor visibility and light winds.   Then James got soaked in torrential rain, the wind died off and we even used the engine!   However the wind returned and we arrived at the islands in sunshine under sail which was good for morale – we don’t do rain anymore!    Iles des Saintes is very beautiful, the town is brightly coloured, the people very friendly and there are plenty of places to stop and have an ice cream!   Napoleon’s Castle (built on the orders of Louis 16th) gives magnificent views down to the town and across to Guadeloupe.  We even saw an iguana so we’re happy.   We’ve been snorkelling and diving for conch and we are out to drinks on Endorphin tonight so the parties continue even though the country has changed!

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