Got the gas – we’re moving on!

St Lucia 005Pigeon Island and Ocean RainbowThe prime reason to stop off in St Lucia was to refill a gas bottle.  It ran out on arrival in Martinique and we haven’t been able to find anywhere to refill it despite sending the bottle to Grenada on the ferry in the care of the purser!   Total relief to find that ‘Suds’ (the launderette!) really do live up to their advert and they fill any gas bottle – now Claire can make those Boston brownies she’s been promising without worrying about the gas consumption!   Shopping in St Lucia was good with lots of American foodstuffs but we are leaving exploration of the island to a later date.  However, it didn’t stop us entertaining Brisa (from Newton Ferrers) and Aleph (from Tenby) to drinks on board.


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