Flat out in Carriacou!

BBq on the beach 009View from the Slipway to ORFlat out meaning more laid back than laid back!    Nothing happens at speed here and our attempt to fit a wind generator to Ocean Rainbow is a prime example!   Although we have been alongside the jetty for two days we are still waiting to have the measurements taken for the mast …. perhaps tomorrow?   Our attempt at attending church was two hours out!  We arrived for the final verse of the final hymn!   But we do still seem to be able to party and had a great BBQ with a bunch of dutch sailing friends.   We all pooled our resources and with the help of young Seppe (who lit the BBQ with only grass and glass) we had a wonderful evening on the beach.  We were supposed to have been entertained by a steel band but the speakers needed soldering so the start time was put back until way beyond our bed time!  Hey ho – this is life in the Caribbean.  At least the sun is shining!

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