Claire gives up Pot!

Neapolitan stripe reveealed

Neapolitan striped arm

BBQ in Fort de France

BBQ in Fort de France

We left Grand Anse on Wednesday afternoon and had a great sail to Fort de France, did a bit of sight seeing and even had a BBQ at anchor in the harbour.   After a bit of a rolly night ‘P’ day dawned and Claire set off in the bus to the hospital.   What a relief!      The Consultant was all smiles and Claire has the all clear and has been relieved of her pot and now only has to get rid of the Neapolitan striped arm to remove all evidence of her Atlantic accident!   We are now back in Grand Anse d’Arlet where we have been reunited with Hecla!   We intend to spend a few days here to continue our swim with turtles and to party ….. it’s Valentine’s Day today after all!

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