Chaos reigns

Stowing the sChaos 001hopping on a boat is not something I wish to do on a regular basis!  Well, not in this quantity at least.   However, I was somewhat concerned about the disappearance of locker space with an ever increasing stock of engine spares, pumps, string, glue etc etc so I decided it was time to stake my claim to the food stores lockers!   After 12 solid hours of labouring (and it would have taken even longer if James hadn’t been such an efficient chef’s mate bagging and labelling stuff), everything now has a place and is in its place and we have returned to being a nicely ordered yacht ready to put to sea and I have the reassurance that, even in the most adverse weather conditions, I can find something appropriate to eat!      All I need to do now is gather together the fresh produce (scheduled for Friday) and we’re ready to go.

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