August 2010 to Winter refit

Lift out at end of October to start the re-fit

Ocean Rainbow’s first visit to Oxwich Bay

23rd – 26th September 2010


Ocean Rainbow’s Inaugural Trip: Brixham to Portishead August 2010   :  20th – 29th August 2010

Phil Rogers bids farewell to Ocean Rainbow at her mooring in Brixham harbour.

20 Aug Overnight Brixham Harbour

21 Aug Arrive Weir Quay, Holes Hole 56.2 nm






Entertained Jane, Rupert and Charlie (James’ sister, brother-in-law and nephew) on board.

23 Aug Arrive Falmouth 60 nm

24 Aug Arrive Newlyn Harbour 43 nm

25 Aug Arrive Padstow 84 nm

Entertained Pip and Andrew Campbell on board

27 Aug Arrive Barry 114 nm

28 Aug Arrive Cardiff 6 nm

Succession of guided tours for Cardiff Yacht Club and Portishead Cruising Club members!

Cardiff were their normal wonderfully hospitable selves and made us very welcome.

29 Aug Arrive Portishead 14.76 nm 

James, proud skipper,with Ocean Rainbow safe home in Portishead