OFO we go in Paris

Notre Dame

Summit of the Eiffel Tower

The wonderful OFO bike and Jeanetta!

We’ve been miles and miles on our faithful Bromptons with Jeanetta on a bright yellow OFO, the equivalent of a ‘Boris’ bike.   The Louvre, Les Invalides, Norte Dame for Mass on Sunday, Le Marais Quarter (where we had dinner), the length and breadth of the Seine, The Tuilleries, St Eustache, Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Garden … you name it, we saw it and in a lot of cases inspected it at close quarters!!  Perhaps the highlight was our trip up the Eiffel Tower.   Wonderful weather with spectacular views and well worth the early start to get up to the summit without queues.    Parisiennes certainly know how to enjoy themselves with picnics on the banks of the river, salsa in the parks and jazz in the bars – we did our best to emulate them!  It’s been a truly memorable stay in Port Arsenal.

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