Never a dull second!

Busy canal

Notre Dame Church at Mantes la Jolie

Peaceful Meulan

Though our strap line is ‘never a dull moment’, this canal boat lark is definitely never a dull second! It’s a busy time underway! With no Humphrey Hydrovane to steer, we’re finding ourselves hand steering a lot of the time (rather than using the autopilot) as the channel constantly changes. And when there’s a straight bit, the ‘road signs’ make you change sides; plus there are big logs floating downstream ready to cause havoc. There’s no room for complacency! Then there are the huge locks. At the moment, our hearts can only take one lock a day!! But the scenery is fantastic: chateaux, churches, wildlife, fishermen, trees and flowers. It’s an ever changing vista that’s keeping us entertained and we’re loving it.

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