Island hopping


View from Murphy Great House, STJ across to STT

The Virgin Islands really are a wonderful sailing ground with little bays and anchorages to suit all tastes. We have avoided the popular ones with restaurants and pirate ships (Willy T’s, Soggy Dollar etc) and gone for the smaller, quieter ones. The only blot on the horizon – the weather. It’s been raining! So much so that we now have all our tanks, buckets and containers full of fresh water despite having done the laundry on board. Even our exercise routine has changed, it’s been so cool we have gone for long walks rather than swimming and snorkelling. But now we are back in St Thomas to meet up with old friends and fellow Warrior owners, Pete and Robbie on PR2, and we’re sure the weather will take a turn for the better!Kay Cay and Beneures Bay 056

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