Light and Fluffy!

IMG_2439IMG_2438No, not the clouds – the bread! Cuba may not have luscious vegetables but it does have delicious white bread that is super scrummy! However, it does not – so far – have the best weather! Oh my goodness in the early hours of yesterday morning the anchorage was mayhem as the predicted high winds hit and boats dragged left, right and centre of us. By mid morning the anchorage was carnage. 65knots hit us all and not one boat was left in the same position! Good job we did our sightseeing bike ride yesterday – although OR turned into a bike repair shop for the afternoon, as some spokes snapped on both bikes and needed replacing! But, back to Cuba …. Cienfuegos is fascinating with its old colonial buildings (somewhat faded), revolutionary slogans and mix of old and new – especially the cars. We need to get to grips with the history of the place but what we have seen so far has been fascinating.

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