Supporting the Royals

The Royals 003photo 1After all the support we have had from Honey Ryder it seemed only natural to go all out to support their home baseball team, the Kansas City Royals!   In case you hadn’t realised, it’s the Baseball World Series final and The Royals took on the New York Mets (the best of 7 games).  Not wishing to do anything by halves we dressed for the occasion in blue, complete with crown, baseball bat and gloves to watch the first game at Café Feel-Oh.   It was a marathon but the Royals pulled off a great victory; the Royals went on to win the series only conceding one game to the Mets.  Now they’re World Champions and we reckon it’s all down to the support they got from Trini!!  And, many thanks to Sabrina for the loan of her sewing machine so that ‘Puddle’ could have her licence plate fitted!

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