Mr Piggy and Zorro

Tobago 041

James , Mr Piggy and Zorro at Eula's Beach Restaurant

James , Mr Piggy and Zorro at Eula’s Beach Restaurant

We know, it sounds like the title of a children’s book but we can assure you that Mr Piggy and Zorro are real people!   They were responsible for taking us on a great tour of Tobago.   Zorro sang Calypso and gave us lots of island history pointing out homes of various relatives as he drove us around the island  while Mr Piggy filled in all the other details and made sure that we didn’t miss out on any of the ‘sights’.    A visit to Fort King George (Forkin’ George in the local vernacular!), swim at Castara Waterfall, snorkel at Englishman’s Bay, a catch up with Bjorn on Tarounga in Charlotteville, not forgetting the scrummy food – Mr Piggy’s special curried crab, a delicious meal at Eula’s and simply mouth-wateringly good sugar cake from Marie’s.   We returned to Ocean Rainbow at 7pm after a fabulous day marred only by the fact that Bill and Judy (s/v Charbonneau) couldn’t make the trip and spent the day in A&E at Scarborough – thankfully all well but it was still a disappointment for them and us.

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