Jam Raid

Jam Time 017Jam Time 018‘Twas all Honey Ryder’s fault!  Well that’s our version and we’re sticking to it!  On Saturday we all (Honey Ryder, Freebooter and OR) had an early supper on OR and the plan was to go and join in a ‘music’ evening ashore complete with Claire’s guitar, Tom’s bongos and Sabrina’s percussion instruments …. however, at 7pm we couldn’t hear any music coming from the shore so we mounted a raiding party to join Buzby and her crew.   Insider knowledge (from Sabrina) meant that we knew Buzby was a charter yacht with an American crew of 6 and had a guitar and ukele on board.   We brazenly arrived clutching instruments, ‘nibbles’ and refreshments and were delighted to find ourselves welcomed with great enthusiasm.   We proceeded to spend the next few hours working our way through Buzby’s song collection and entertaining the anchorage (well that’s what we were told in the morning!).   Rest assured, we closed down the jam session by 10pm – a little later than the Cruiser’s bedtime of 9pm but not so late that we earned ourselves the label of being anti-social.

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