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Ocean Rainbow at her best

Claire doing her best!

Mandalay storming past

Mandalay storming past

We left Tyrrel Bay yesterday to sail down the east coast of Grenada heading for True Blue, Grenada.   There was the chance for a ‘race’ with Peter on Mandalay and Bjorn on Tarounga as they were also leaving at the same time.   However, there was one small problem – the size of our boat compared with theirs (Mandalay 48ft Catamaran and Tarounga 60ft Monohull).  We decided to even the odds and slipped out of Tyrrel Bay an hour earlier than planned to get a head start!!   We had a bumpy start with squalls coming through in excess of 30 knots but Ocean Rainbow did us proud.  It took Peter a good three hours to catch us even though we were heavily reefed.   Tarounga didn’t overtake us but Bjorn was single handed and sailing with only a reefed headsail.   However good to know that OR with an hour’s head start could hold him off!   We topped 8 knots and found we had averaged 6 knots for the whole trip when we finally dropped our sails in the mouth of the anchorage.  Lucky for us, we were all tucked up by the time the rains came through.

p.s. the random photo is evidence of Claire’s contribution at the ‘jam’ session.

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