Playing with water

Playing in the waterfallScrambling upFinally, after a week of trying to find someone with whom to share a hire car I struck really lucky and found Wild Bird (Gayle and Time aka G&T) and Hogfish Maximus (Rachel and Chris).  They’re longstanding cruising companions and agreed to take me along with them.   We set off complete with two Patterdale terriers (Gem and Pip) to find the Carbet  Waterfalls in the south of Basse Terre.   Our first stop was in the National Park (no dogs!) so we only made a brief trip to view the first and second waterfalls from a distance.   We then hopped back in the car and went to find the third waterfall – outside the National Park – and that is where, after a fairly strenuous walk, we reverted back to childhood and had great fun ‘playing’ and splashing about in the water.  We swam behind the waterfall, under it and around it – great exercise and wonderful to be in fresh water!  A lovely, fun day out.

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