Home Alone 3 – The End!

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Claire is home!

Emily 007

Claire’s last cuddle with Emily

My culinary skills have vastly improved over the last two weeks and I had every intention of producing a gastronomic feast for Claire’s return but fate intervened – the ‘fridge broke.   Despite spending hours dismantling and reassembling the various components I couldn’t find anything out of place.  I went ashore for expert advice, the long and short of it – I had to bring the boat into the marina.  Enlisting the help of some innocent bystanding American – Ivan on s/y Gavroche – I moved OR from the anchorage to a pontoon and Richard came onboard.  He cast his expert eye over things and it wasn’t long before he found the culprit – water in the electrics.   I then took OR back out to the bay and anchored in almost exactly the same spot as before.   The only trouble was I had greatly underestimated the time it would take me to do this single-handed!  No sooner was I satisfied that OR was firmly attached to the bottom than I had to leap into the dinghy and go ashore to meet Claire ….. her welcome home dinner was delicious, but it came out of a tin!

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