Hauled Out

Grenada Marine 071Grenada Marine 024Ocean Rainbow came out of the water with a hairy, barnacle encrusted bottom and her propeller looked even worse! However, after application of a big scraper, a bit of pressure hosing, elbow grease and wizard lotion called ‘On Off’ both the hull and the prop are almost as good as new.   She is now safe in her hurricane cradle at Grenada Marine strapped down, stripped down and protected from the Caribbean sun by polish.   Inside everything is squeaky clean and hopefully will remain that way until our return with no nasty mould appearing in spots we missed.   We are now packed and ready to go having spent 3 days working our socks off in the heat and humidity but a wonderful 3 nights ashore in La Sagesse Nature Centre – a little boutique hotel in the next bay!   Today it is chucking it down, we’ve had thunder and the seas are mountainous (hasn’t stopped Claire from swimming though!).   We have begun the acclimatisation process for UK!

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